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Tray & Trolley Return System

The Tray and Trolley Return System (TTRS) is a cutting-edge security lane solution that can achieve a throughput of 220-240 passengers per lane/hour.

TTRS consists of three integrated parts: the loading table, security trolley and roller bed. The system works entirely on gravity and does not consume electricity, saving the airport on running costs.

Cost Effective Equipment For Your Security Checkpoint

TTRS consists of three integrated parts




TTRS is compatible with various types of trays. We recommend using the CRS600 tray offered by CR Steglich due to its easy separation, low nested height, and compliance with all antimicrobial requirements.

  • Easy handling & high hygiene

  • Easy Separation

  • Anti-Microbial & Anti-slip

  • 605 (L) x 405 (W) x 100 (H) mm

  • Weight: 0.95 kg +/- 75 g




The Loading Tables allow multiple passengers to divest at the same time enabling faster passengers to overtake slower ones. The loading tables are customizable for a variety of tray sizes, although a larger tray typically maximizes throughput.

  • Gravity Based System

  • Modular and Scalable for quick installation

  • Easy-running rollers with minimal noise

  • High Throughput (200-220 passengers/hour)




The security trolley is extendable and can hold two full stacks of trays, reducing the number of trips needed. It is user-friendly and interfaces smoothly with the loading table.

  • Height indicator for tray loading height

  • Easy to operate

  • Small turning circle with swivel castors

  • Durable aluminum frame

  • Extendable for extra tray carrying capacity





Limited Time Offer

We acknowledge that you may prefer to test our solution before committing to a purchase.

To accommodate this, we provide a proof of concept package.

Our offer

Proof of concept (POC) study over 8 weeks


Data collection and feedback capture


Trial supervision and management


POC Findings Report


We manage the trial from start to finish


Structured approach to POC study


POC fee refundable with 4+ lanes purchased


No obligation to purchase after the trial

Getting Started

Getting started is easy! Click the button below and complete the form to schedule a meeting. We'll work together to determine your needs and develop a trial plan that works for you.

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